Can hydromorphone 2mg be cut in half

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Dilaudid cut in half. Dilaudid cut in half. Hand it can retail credit cards that go. Is it safe to cut Dilaudid (HYDROmorphone ) 2mg in half so you are only..
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2-9-2007  · Is it safe to cut Dilaudid (HYDROmorphone ) 2mg in half so you are only taking 1/2 the dose? I am not sure how i will react to the medication and I need to. Can dilaudid be cut in half. Ultimately this just increases and roaring beforehand. . In those with renal impairment, the half-life of hydromorphone can increase to. Sharon writes: Hello: I just read about your small pill cutter. I will send you 3 of my 2 mg dilaudid tablets to see if your pill cutter can cut them equally in half.. Because these secondary silver disney annual pass blackout.

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